Build Trusted Data

With our extensive built-in data & business rules gaps can be discovered in data and corporate wide strategies to fix/enrich can be planned


Spend less time & resources on development and configuration with built in library of Data and Business rules


Custom data/business rules can be added dynamically along with support of OpenAPI & GraphQL endpoints for integration


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Alloy dashboard helps stakeholders to find gaps in data

Alloy captures extensive meta data while performing quality runs. It helps to find gaps in data and corporate wide strategies can be planned to complete the data and eventually enrich it.
Alloy dashboard presents quality overview of complete OSDU data set like

Quality overview by time (Time-series)

Number of runs performed per entity

Overall average score of complete data set

List of rules fired on complete data set


Pre Ingest

Where strict rule is required

Post Ingest

When ingestion time checks had to be relaxed for a good reason


Data enrichment workflows

Built-in Schema Based Checks

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Find out gaps in your meta data based on your schema

This will help you to run quality scan of all your entities without any development and configuration.

Alloy will pick any crucial errors including integrity , patterns , data type and missing of required properties in pre-ingest and post-ingest stage.

Built-in Rules Library

Extend QC scope to produce high quality data

Alloy comes with built-in quality rules derived from PPDM and aligned with the emerging requirements of the OSDU Technical Standard that be used straight away without spending time and resources on development of industry standard business/data rules. Further more corporate specific rules can be added to this library to broaden QC scope

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OSDU Data Browser

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Data browser shows entity details along with quality runs details

Schemas can be easily configured to be shown in UI to browse the OSDU data platform data. Users can run quality check on complete data set of selected entity or they can drill down to particular record to initiate quality check process.

Quality Check Details

Drill down capability to check quality issues

Our rich user interface will presents detailed report of issues along with overview of entity record and associated quality runs performed. Also time series widget will help to see if quality of this has improved over time.

This will help to plan strategies to fix and enrich data.

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